Inductive Creative Communication


In Inductive Bible Study, we learn to read the verse, then read the pericope (the section that gives the verse context), then read the sections immediately preceding and following the pericope, then the chapter, and then do the reverse back down to the verse again. Have you ever thought of doing this same thing with your creative communication, but through the lens of people’s lives? In other words, look at the teaching point you are going to use as your main text, and then think about that text in context of a person’s personal relationship with Christ, then in the context of their relationships with their immediate family and friends, then in the context of their marketplace relationships, then to the global community, then reverse it back to the text of your communication. Thinking about your listeners’ context will make your communication relevant. 

Just as in Inductive Bible Study, we sometimes have to use outside help to better understand the context.  What do you know about the context of your listeners/readers, and how can you develop a better understanding of it?


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