Hi, I’m Esek, and You Are…?


A lot of people are naming their children after Old Testament characters and place names these days.  (If they are pastors’ children, they are named alliteratively: Judah, Jeremiah, Josiah, etc.  Hopefully they run out of children before they get to Jehoshaphat…but I digress.)  Today I read about Isaac digging wells and then getting into disagreements about who owns them, and he named one well Esek, which means argument.

I paused at that verse and read it again, thankful that this was not the trend when I was born, because this may have been the name my mother would have picked for me.  I prefer to say I engage in friendly, enlightening debates, but honestly, I argue. 

My communication style reflects my personality.  I argue with myself over what should or should not be included.  When communicating, I present my case in an attempt to win people over.  I’m an Esek.

Others are emotional, weaving a sad tale that tugs on the heart strings and generate empathy and introspection.  They’re communicating as Jeremiahs.

There are some who use hyperbole, making big statements about little things, and communicate in a way that causes a decision for action.  They’re Esaus.

Think about your primary communication style.  It can be a strength to understand how you communicate best and to lean into that.  But also remember that based on your topic and audience, it could be a weakness.  If I want people to feel something, I can’t argue facts.  I need to find my inner Jeremiah and lament about the topic.  If I want people to not just change their minds, but to do something, I must tap into the Esau in me.  My best communication effort makes use of all three – facts, emotion, and action.

Do you tend to engage in communication as an Esek, Jeremiah, or Esau?  How can you incorporate other styles into your communication?




Work     School     Marriage     Family     Friends     Church     Hobbies

In what order would you put these?  When was the last time you thought about what is the most important to you, and refocused on those things? 

When was the last time you thought about what was the most important thing to the people with whom you are communicating?  How can you refocus on those things?