Make an A+ on Your Next Presentation


“A successful principled presentation is the offspring of 60 percent planning and development prior to the event, 20 percent delivery proficiency, and 20 percent environmental and situation-specific factors, such as the setting, the audience, technology glitches, and so on.” *

In terms of a grade, you would make an F if you only focused on one of these things. You can have the right graphics, videos, music, and props and get a 20 on your presentation.  You can be an excellent speaker – an entertainer, even (read this for more on that) – but you will only get a 20 on your presentation for proficient delivery.  But, thorough preparation alone will also get you a failing grade.  Planning and development delivers a grade of 60. 

So, how do you not only get a passing grade, but an A+ for your presentation, whether it is to staff, congregation, or customer?  You have to excel at all three.  Planning is important, delivery is important, and the environment is important.  Overemphasizing one creates a subpar presentation.  Focusing on all three puts you at the top of the class.

How are you focusing on all three for your next presentation/sermon?  Where could you improve?