27 Square Inch Bag

I wrote a post about creative communication.  Then I read Andrea Swarthout’s blog posting from Japan, and she did a much better job of demonstrating creative communication than what I had written.  In 111 words, she told a story, caused reflection, and pressed for action.  That’s creative communication.
27 square inch bag
Tomorrow is the 2 month anniversary of the earthquake in Japan.
Tonight they had a story on the news about families who lived within the danger zone around the power plants. They were finally allowed to go back to their homes today by a caravan bus. They were only allowed to take out what they could carry in a 27 square inch bag (about the size of a small garbage bag). They were given 2 hours. So what about you? If you had been removed from your home for 2 months, and were given 2 hours, what would you put in your bag?
Please remember to keep Japan in your prayers.

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