Helping People Become Quitters for the Kingdom


Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like has published a new book called Quitters.  Here’s a great video introduction to the thoughts behind the book.

I, and some of my friends, are quitters.  We were once employed in ‘the real world,’ but someone said something that made us realize that the someone who God created us to be needed to be let out to do something for which only we were created.  We may have been asked to volunteer at church in an area that seemed less like work than our ‘real’ jobs (thanks, Donna).  Then we may have been asked to work at the church in an area that was way more work for way less money than our jobs (thanks, Dave).  Somewhere in the process the someone that we were supposed to become got to do the something that we were meant to do, and we quit.

Pastors, think about how many pew warmers could be setting the Kingdom on fire for God, and ask God how you can help.
Leaders, find that something in people that they are not being asked to give in the workaday world and offer to let them do it for Him.
Quitters, stop dreaming about what you would rather be doing and figure out how you can do it and become the someone God created you to be.


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