Go Tell It On The Internet, Over The Hills & Everywhere…


Tim Schraeder wrote An Open Letter to Church Communication Directors, which includes a lot of encouragement for people who do church communications for a living.  Read it here:  http://www.timschraeder.com/2010/12/17/an-open-letter-to-church-communications-directors/

[I personally think that everyone who works for a church is in church communications.  Even though one person may be the “specialist,” everyone is in the business of communicating the good news to the world.  If they aren’t, they should get a secular job that pays better.]

Tim’s ending charge to church communication directors was “We’ve got the greatest story to tell, how will YOU help your church share it?”  As we celebrate Christmas, this is a question that we can ask ourselves, and maybe make a resolution to help our church share the greatest story in better ways through creative, impactful, intentional communication next year.  How will you tell it?


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